Akra Young Jazz

June 07, 2024 - AKRA HOTEL, ANTALYA

The 7th Antalya Akra Jazz Festival continues its tradition of uniting young musicians with art enthusiasts through the ‘Akra Young Jazz’ concerts.

This year’s ‘Akra Young Jazz’ lineup, organized in collaboration with the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IKSV), features performances by the Eggmann Quartet, Esra Gürçay Quintet, and Dila Bahar Quartet. The event not only showcases bands from Antalya but also welcomes bands participating in the Young Jazz+ competition as part of the Istanbul Jazz Festival.

Eggmann Quartet
Egemen Tosunbaş, Electric Guitar
Berkay Sümbül, Drums
Cenk Koç, Electric Bass
Kemal Ergün, Tenor Saxophone

Esra Gürçay Quintet
Esra Gürçay, Vocal
Peter Shalamov, Keyboard
Kıvanç Nadir, Guitar
Mikhail Pashkov, Double Bass
Simon Shiriaev, Drums

Dila Bahar Quartet
Dila Bahar, Vocal
Anıl Tuncer, Piano
Barış Dağhan, Bass
Mehmet Ali Şimayli, Drums