Akra Jazz | SONIC BOOM
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“Sonic Boom” energy


“Sonic Boom” founded in 2019 by four successful artists, Elif Çağlar (vocals), Çağrı Sertel (keys), Alp Ersönmez (bass guitar) and Volkan Öktem (drums), who are very well known by the music lovers. Met with the audience in early 2020, the band plays and reinterprets the hits of R&B, hip-hop and electronic music in their unique style, as well as their own compositions. They were in the studio to record their compositions for the first time last February, Sonic Boom recently released their first single, “Please”.


Elif Cağlar – Vocals

Cağrı Sertel – Keys

Alp Ersönmez – Bass guitar

Volkan Öktem – Drum