Akra Jazz | KARSU
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Karsu, the colorful voice of European jazz stages 


Karsu, Turkish artist living in the Netherlands, is one of the new-generation artists attracting attention globally with her unique interpretation and powerful voice. Writing and composing almost all of her songs by herself, the artist fascinates the audiences with her colorful voice, her stage performance and energy. It is possible to find jazz, blues, funk and ethnic rhythms on Karsu’s albums. She was granted with the Edison World Jazz Award in 2016 which is one of the most important music awards in the Netherlands and she gained a strong place in the European jazz scene.


Karsu – Vocals – Piano
Mart Jeninga – Bass guitar- Synthesizer
Jessy Hay – Guitar
Erhan Seçkin – Drums
Randell Heye – Trumpet
Marc Mangin – Saxophone


Akra Jazz Band feat. Valentine Conus & Tolga Bilgin


At the concert night, Akra Jazz Band from Antalya conducted by Cağlayan Yıldız, will also take the stage. Valentine Conus-saxophone and Tolga Bilgin-trumpet will take the stage as guest soloists.


Valentine Conus – Saxophone
Tolga Bilgin – Trumpet
Ozan Çelikel – Trombone
Cağlayan Yıldız- Guitar
Thomas Lewicki – Piano
Barış Kıratlı – Bass
Burak Yavaş – Drum